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4/6/2018 Industry News
NYS Budget

When we reported on the NYS FY 2019 Budget last week, we were still waiting on the final piece, the revenue bill -- AKA "the Big Ugly," because a lot of pet projects and random items are tossed in at the last minute. And, as we thought would happen, an extender for the MWBE program was added, which pushes the end date from the end of 2018 to Dec. 31, 2019. That keeps the current MWBE requirements in place. The question that remains is, will it be the Governor's 30% mandate, or will it follow the law with goals being set on a project-by-project basis? We shall see.....and will continue to educate our legislative representatives on the matter.

For more information on MWBE matters, contact Todd Helfrich ( / 518-869-0961)